To Nominate a Company

Utah Business Diversity Awards Winners


Company - Under 100 employees
EnableUtah / winner 2013 video
Patent Law Works LLP / winner 2012 video
Jan-Pro of Utah / winner 2011 video

Company - 100-499 employees
SKF / winner 2013 video
Valley Services, Inc. / winner 2012 video
Salt Lake Headstart / winner 2011 video

Company - 500+ employees
JCPenney / winner 2013 video
Zions Bank / winner 2012 video
Goldman, Sachs & Co. / winner 2011 video

Sharing Diversity Best Practices in Utah

Applicants for the awards displayed some or all of the following attributes:

Recruit, Retain, Develop

Initiatives are taken to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse workforce. Examples include:

  • Using effective communication tools to reach out to specific populations.
  • Building relationships of trust and confidence.
  • Appealing to diverse job markets.
  • Creating employment opportunities and accommodations for a diverse group of job candidates.
  • Facilitation of career development may include:

  • Offering training for language or communication skills.
  • Developing and expanding networks among employees.
  • Providing volunteer positions to give minorities or others work experience and marketable job skills.
  • Sustainable Culture of Inclusion

    The organization cultivates a sustainable inclusive work environment. The culture throughout the organization values and supports diversity, as well as integrity, open communication, mutual respect, accountability, trust, and individual excellence.

    Inclusion is created for customers as well as employees. The organization attracts a diverse customer base by employing an equally diverse staff.

    Community Involvement

    The organization recognizes responsibility to contribute to a positive image for the Salt Lake City and Utah community. This includes involving employees in community service and events.

    The organization attracts a diverse customer base by employing an equally diverse staff.

    Individual Recognition

    The organization recognizes, builds, and celebrates individual talents, skills, background, and experiences. This includes helping individuals reach for and recognize their own potential.

    Internal Councils and Training

    The organization holds events or campaigns to educate employees and encourage participation in diversity efforts. Internal councils may be organized to enable ongoing communication about diversity issues and ways to solve them.

    *Arrangement of networks within the business to "advocate the views and concerns of members through conferences, training, client events, networking forums, and events in partnership with charitable organizations." *Goldman, Sachs, specifically

    Training is provided at hire and on a regular basis to:

  • Maximize effectiveness in a diverse environment.
  • Build cultural competency of staff in cultural norms and expectations.
  • Increase awareness of diversity issues.
  • Comprehensive Affirmative Action

    Demonstration of a formal and comprehensive affirmative action plan.